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Student Hires connects students with valuable job opportunities that propel their careers forward. We do so by providing hands-on training and real job experience in fields relevant to the employers of our community. By leveraging our existing network of employers and students, we are able to support the growth and prosperity of disadvantaged communities.

Founded in 2017 by Manuel Zavala, Student Hires originally began as a student-run creative agency. The agency contracted with local small-medium sized businesses to provide web and graphic design services. To complete the projects, local university students were hired, providing them with a source of income and valuable job opportunities that helped these students to develop their professional portfolios. This concept was developed through ExCITE, an acceleration program offered by the Riverside community. Through countless meetings and networking opportunities, Student Hires naturally entered the education sector.

In August 2018, Student Hires began to provide project-based educational programs to high school students throughout the Inland Empire. The programs are designed to prepare students for careers in technology and transition those students into entry-level opportunities within our community. Student Hires currently serves one client: PAL Charter Academy located in San Bernardino, CA. Since its initiation into the field of education, Student Hires has employed a total of five students from the University of California Riverside.

PAL Charter Academy

Student Hires is currently contracted with PAL Charter Academy and offers the following classes and programs across their campuses:

  • Computers 101 Class
  • Web Design Class
  • Cyber Security Class
  • Career Pathways Class
  • Academic Success Class
  • Parent Technology Literacy Class
  • Girls Who Code Club
  • Social Media Management
  • PAL Charter Academy Athletics Involvement

Creating Job Opportunities for Students

More than 200 Students Served

ExCITE Summer 2017 Final Presentation Prize
ExCITE Summer 2017 Final Presentation Prize

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Web Development

In this position, I worked closely with upper management to produce the strategic vision for the website. The website currently ranks extremely well across a multitude of keywords surrounding the topic of senior care placement. Work was done from both a telecommuting and in-house role. Originally, the website lacked personality. We aimed to reproduce the homepage and create reusable components that would ensure the brand. With hundreds of pages on the website, we migrated the majority of static HTML pages to dynamic PHP templates to speed up the development process for future designers and developers.


  • Logo Redesign
  • Header Redesign
  • Navbar Redesign
  • Sidebar Redesign
  • Conversion of Static HTML Pages to PHP
  • Coordination with Upper Management to Produce Strategic Vision

Skills/Languages Developed

  • PHP
  • UI/UX Design
  • Dreamweaver
  • Bootstrap
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Proposals

Simplicity is Key... Website Before Website Before
Donward Facing Arrow Website After Website After